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World War 2 Inside My Head

20 September 1989
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Demokrasick / I'm the stranger with the candy your parents warned you for

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I am not the make up i wear
I am not the country's ive been to
I am not the opinion i speak out loud.
I am not the clothes i wear
I am not the rings around my finger
Not the tears i cried & Not the words i wrote

I am what you see when you look me in the eyes.
I am whats left of me when i'm completely naked
I am skin & blood & bones & veins & Heart
(I am .. not sure if i'm human lol)

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I'm taken by a wonderfull girl named Anne , She's the most gorgeous of them all
These sort off things always make me feel like i'm introducing myself on an AA-Meeting
Moi :
17 Years of age
Living near amsterdam
Obsessed with piercings
Currently digging your grave
Studied for graphic designer & Hairdresser
i believe in tell sell products
I listen a cd like a million times. And then never again.
I could stare at a fruit loops for hours,studying it
Desperate housewives / ellen / seinfeld
I smoke cause im bored with my life(Haha)
I Don't believe in demokracy

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I post :
Brainstorming , Pictures , Daily thing , Whats going on in my mind , Drama in my life ,
Poetry , Things ive bought like clothes & new piercings,
Boyfriends&Girlfriends,test results about what leader i am & My appearently Quit normal IQ